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hotel bathroom reuses towels Photo by Getty Images / © pigphoto

Going Green Both Saves Money and Lures Guests, Hotels Discover

Hotels find that adding green practices not only saves money but attracts eco-conscious guests.

Hotels are finding that going green—such as installing low-flow showerheads and encouraging the reuse of linens—is more than just a good hearted gesture. As more and more companies with corporate travel policies stress that hotels employees book have "sustainability" policies, going green is becoming good business:

With California in the worst drought in state history, some hotels have gone beyond simply installing low-flow shower heads and urging guests to reuse towels. The goal is not just to save water or money. It's about creating an eco-friendly image to appeal to environmentally minded guests. Nearly 60% of travelers say they plan to make eco-friendly choices when booking hotels, with half saying they would pay extra to stay at an environmentally friendly hotel, according to a 2012 survey by the travel website TripAdvisor.-Los Angeles Times

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