Could Guests with Guns Show Up at Your Next Event? Photo by Rich Legg / © Getty Images

Could Guests with Guns Show Up at Your Next Event?

Suggestions for how to deal with guests in "open carry" states who arrive at events carrying guns

On Jan. 1, Texas became the 15th U.S. state to allow the open carry of handguns if properly licensed. As a result, you just might find that guests with guns try to walk into your next event. What to do? Our sister publications group, MeetingsNet, offers suggestions for how to cope:

Now that many states allow guns to be carried into public spaces, as long as the practice complies with the host state’s firearm laws, armed attendees may be coming to your next meeting. As with any other meetings-related issue, your organization should have a policy on handling guns at your meetings, said Josh Grimes, an attorney with Grimes Law Offices, during a session at the Meeting Professionals International World Education Congress in Atlantic City in June …. MeetingsNet

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