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ServSafe Food Safety Checklist

Check Yourself for Food Safety

Does your catering staff practice proper personal hygiene? Check it out:

  • Are all employees aware of all the ways in which they can contaminate food?
  • Do all employees follow the proper procedure for hand-washing?
  • Are all employees aware of the instances when hand-washing is required?
  • Do all employees follow the proper hand maintenance procedures, such as keeping nails short and clean and covering cuts and sores?
  • Do you provide the right type of gloves for handling food?
  • Do employees change gloves when necessary?
  • Do you have requirements for proper work attire for foodhandlers?
  • Do you require employees to maintain personal cleanliness?
  • Do you prohibit employees from smoking, eating or drinking in food preparation and dishwashing areas?
  • Do you have policies to address employee illness and injury?
  • Do you model proper foodhandling behaviors at all times?
This checklist is excerpted from the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation book "ServSafe Essentials," Fourth Edition. To order, click here.
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