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7 Ways Millennial Brides are Changing Wedding Planning—and 1 Thing that Stayed the Same

Ilana Stern of Wedding Way shares seven ways millennial brides are changing wedding planning.

You may have years of wedding planning experience under your belt, but unless your business understands the mind-set of the millennial bride, you risk losing out. Here, insights from Ilana Stern, founder of Wedding Way:

It's no surprise that today's wedding traditions differ from those of our grandparents and even parents, but did you ever wonder why? No. 1: She finds inspiration online and offline. "Today's millennial bride is driving inspiration from Pinterest as well as from wedding magazines." No. 2: She knows how to shop smartly and still have fun. "A level of efficiency while still having a delightful experience is something that is really unique to the millennials and something that they look for in a lot of different elements of their life. -- Popsugar

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