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Californias Napa Valley a premier wedding destination Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.
<p>California&#39;s Napa Valley, a premier wedding destination.</p>

Napa Event Industry Unshaken After 6.0 Earthquake

Despite the worst temblor in 25 years, events in Napa, Calif.. largely go on as planned, local experts say

Despite suffering though the worst earthquake in the San Francisco Bay area in 25 years on Sunday, the event industry in Napa, Calif., seems to be on firm footing, with event pros interviewed by Special Events reporting little disruption in their event schedule.

The Napa area, California's world-famous "wine country," is a premier wedding destination, but "most of the damage appeared to be in the town of Napa and not the whole Napa Valley," notes renowned wedding planner Joyce Scardina Becker, head of San Francisco-based Events of Distinction. "I have been in touch with several people from the Napa Valley, and businesses are open—no cancellations that I am aware of."

Event photographer Damion Hamilton agrees.

"I just got back from a drive downtown and I'm borderline in tears," he says. "There is so much damage to old buildings and businesses; it is truly heartbreaking."

But as far as his own business is concerned, all is well. "Thus far we have not and do not foresee having to postpone or relocate any events," he says.

SHOWROOM SHAKE Wine Country Party and Events, located in Sonoma, Calif., saw "a few things tumble" in its showroom, says co-owner Mike Bjornstad, but "nothing to prevent us from fulfilling orders or events." He adds that a "handful" of events early in the week canceled. But that has been the extent of the fallout.

"Everyone is working to get back to business as usual as quickly as possible," Bjornstad says. "It is peak tourist season and the beginning of harvest, so key economic times for the region. All in all, we are counting our blessings and getting the work done. It's what rental/event folks do!"

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