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To This Tree, I Thee Wed: Bizarre Wedding Ceremonies Photo by Julie Birch / © Getty Images

To This Tree, I Thee Wed: Bizarre Wedding Ceremonies

Ten tales of bizarre weddings

You think your wedding clients are nuts? Wait till you read these 10 tales of bizarre weddings, from a groom who married a tree to the bride who married the Eiffel Tower:

Strangely enough, we have witnessed some rather unusual marriages in recent years in various parts of the world. Here are bizarre marriages from around the planet. In November 2014, a Peruvian actor and activist Richard Torres married a tree in a stylish wedding ceremony that was held in Colombia. The marriage was part of the actor's plans to raise environmental awareness. Before the ornate ceremony, which was attended by friends and family of the "groom," Torres had already married one tree in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Maria Griffin, a California resident, had a fetish for the Chrysler building. Over time, she developed feelings for vehicles, and trucks in particular. She bought one and married "him" on Valentine's Day, and followed it up with a honeymoon to a campsiteRead more on Pulse Nigeria

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