You Can Leave Your Gown On:  Britain Has No Plans to Allow Nude Weddings Photo by Leah-Anne Thompson / © Getty Images

You Can Leave Your Gown On: Britain Has No Plans to Allow Nude Weddings

Britain says it has no plans to allow nude weddings.

Some wedding traditions—such as receiving lines—are fading away. But Britain is upholding an old tradition: For your nuptials, you have to keep your clothes on. Despite the push of "naturists" to allow nude weddings, the powers that be are sticking by the "cover it up" rule:

The Daily Mail reported on Tuesday that ministers had ordered a rethink of wedding laws, which could allow naturists to conduct weddings if the rules were changed. It claimed a paper had been published by [British Justice Secretary Chris] Grayling, which confirmed groups who have expressed an interest in changing wedding laws included British Naturism, the organization that campaigns for a greater understanding and acceptance of outdoor nudism. But Mr. Grayling told the BBC: "It hasn't been ordered by me I can tell you that." The justice secretary stressed there was a difference between someone "expressing an interest" and "something actually happening." "No nude marriage right now as far as I'm concerned," he told the BBC.—BBC News

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