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TSE14 - Events Without End: How to Create, Sustain and Celebrate a New World!

From The Special Event 2014
Events Without End: How to Create, Sustain and Celebrate a New World!
In 1984, Dr Alvin Toffler identified three waves of the development of human civilization culminating with the third wave, the technological society. Professor Joe Goldblatt, who is the author of the first text book in special events management (continuously published for 25 years) has identified a NEW fourth wave that is rapidly approaching which he describes as “Events Without End”. Using his 40 years of experience as a university lecturer and researcher, he will explore how twenty-first century event planners may achieve greater profits through creating sustainable events that seamlessly integrate high tech and high touch experiences. He will provide case studies and examples from his and other research of major events including the US NFL Super Bowl, the Papal Visit of Pope Benedict, the Opening Ceremonies of the Athens, Homecoming Scotland, Greece Olympic Games and others to help you achieve greater profits through the strategic integration of technology and live events to create meaningful experiences for4 your guests. You will discover the five ways to improve pre-event revenue streams, the ten ways to exceed guest expectations and finally the infinite opportunities for using data mining to personalize, customize and monetize future events. 
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Joe Goldblatt, FRSA
Professor and Executive Director
Queen Margaret University
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