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TSE14 - Fabulous Apps for Event Professionals - More New Discoveries

From The Special Event 2014
Fabulous Apps for Event Professionals - More New Discoveries
Expanding upon last year's SRO presentation Julie and her team of event geeks present new, exciting and heretofore unknown apps and tips for all event professionals. Whether a planner, caterer, photographer, florist or merely interested in cutting edge techy ideas be prepared to come away with some creative uses for your Ipod, Ipad, or Android device as pertains to the world of events. Apps ranging from room measurement to color selection to event ticketing to weather forecasting and more! Ipod/Ipad not required to attend.
Elizabeth Hinke
Event Consultant
Mintahoe Catering & Events
Julie Lyford
Owner/ Creative Director
Fabulous Functions - Event Producers
Alice- Lynne Olson
Freelance floral designer
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