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TSE14 - Make the Most of Today’s Technology

From The Special Event 2014
Make the Most of Today’s Technology
We can now brand our companies, build relationships and help promote others in the industry all through the internet or our phones. Visual aspects are key in our industry; clients do not want to hear about the weddings and events we have thrown they want to see them. Now, thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Loverly we can share all of our work with friends and potential new clients with a simple post from your phone or laptop. In this presentation you will receive a better understanding of all social media and I will go through how you can make your posts more exciting, effective and worth your time. Once you have learned how to make the most out of today’s technology you will see how the time you put into social media will benefit your brand and your business.
Brit Bertino
Wedding Director
Simply Weddings


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