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TSE14 - Making AV Production Work for You!

From The Special Event 2014
Making AV Production Work for You!
Every component of your event seems to make perfect sense, except one part, the biggest mystery... the secret language of the audiovisual world. Hey, it’s just a microphone and some lights, right? Why’s it have to be so complex? Learn the jargon and ask the right questions. With some basic knowledge of common terminology and an understanding of the technologies involved, you can have more control of the quality of your production. You will also be better equipped to control cost by ordering the correct pieces for the job and working AV into your production schedule. As a result, you will be able to maximize the production value for your clients and ultimately increase your profit!
Learning Objectives:
1. Learn the language: Common terminology used by AV professionals
2. Estimate the cost /Own the Schedule
3. In house vs. Production Company
4. The latest buzz words
5. The timeline and room layout – the road maps to an efficient production
6. Safety - It IS your concern
a. IMAGE MAPPING – now affordable for the ballroom and in set design
b. DIGITAL SIGNAGE - capture and inform your audience before they even get in the room,
c. DIGITAL MEDIA - Smart phones and more
Heidi Brumbach, CSEP
General Manager
Technisch Creative
Andy DiRaddo
Senior Producer
Staging Solutions


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