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TSE14 - SPARK - "Fueling the 'Whiz Bang' in Events"

From The Special Event Show 2014 - 

SPARK - "Fueling the 'Whiz Bang' in Events"

Join Keri Miller, Creative Director of e=mc2 events, as she shares, through imagery and examples, the simple inspirations behind some of "“e"’s” award winning/nominated/client ecstatic events. Step into her mind (and footsteps) as she shows you how the creative process starts with closing your eyes, finding the spark, and fuelling for lift off! This session will provide you with tips on how to immerse yourself into the shoes of your guests and really “see” an event before the menu has even been chosen! Touted as one of the industry’s best event designers, Keri is sure to light your creative fire!

Speaker: Keri Miller, CSEP, Partner & Creative Director, e-mc2 events

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