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And the Gala Award Goes to...A Spooktacular Night

Part 3 in our Gala Award feature series

All photos courtesy of Morris Malakoff Photography. 

Gala Award for Category Best Event for a Private Individual: Budget Under $1,000 Per Guest

When Elias Events was approached by a client wanting to throw an over-the-top Halloween bash with a two-week deadline, they didn’t balk at the thought. Instead, they judged their assets, came up with a plan, and threw a stunning party that left guests with engaging memories. Thanks to insightful planning, the event came together quickly: from the get-go, Elias Events implemented constant communication and a precise schedule to ensure no detail went unnoticed. With a plethora of lights, flowers, candles, and creative spooky theme décor, they were able to execute a quickly-planned party without compromising integrity and brought the client’s vision to reality. 

With the pandemic at a lull, people were ready to celebrate, but vendors were difficult to find. Nonetheless, Elias Events managed to pull off an extravagant spooky event, mostly due to creative choices that impressed guests and engaged them in every aspect of the night. 

Some of the highlights included a massive lit “BOO” sign upon entrance, witches’ hats hanging from the ceiling, a skeleton charcuterie board, a taco bar in a coffin, a fortune teller, and a “mad scientist laboratory” where guests could get alcoholic “shots of courage” or a “blood infusion.” Relying on creativity also allowed Elias Events to make the party feel lavish while sticking to their budget. The interactive entertainment, creative food and beverage, and innovative decoration came together to make an event that was vivid and memorable for all. 

Congratulations to Elias Events for producing "A Spooktacular Night" and winning the Gala Award for Best Event for a Private Individual: Budget Under $1,000 Per Guest!

Throughout the summer, we will be featuring these winners and their spectacular events on the blog, so get inspired and get your event submitted for a 2023 Gala Award

Read our submission blog post to learn more about submitting your event.

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