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And the Gala Award Goes To...Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye

Part 2 in our Gala Award feature series

All photography courtesy of NZ Production unless otherwise noted 

Gala Award winner for Total Décor category

Theme weddings are popular, and it’s not hard to imagine why: strong visual aesthetics transport guests into a memorable and unique experience. But designer Wei Zhang took the meaning of “theme” to another level, using the event to teach guests about tradition and culture. 

The groom, a self-professed poetry fan, wanted to embody the culture of poetry—specifically Chinese poetry—so Zhang created a wedding structured around the poem Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye, a beloved Chinese poem by Xhang Ruoxu of the Tang Dynasty. Translated, the title means “spring river flowers and moonlit night.” The wedding, following three acts, modeled each chapter and scene, using the poem’s symbols and visuals to bring the story to life.  

Lights, flowers, and a 270-degree circular screen with vivid original video scenery set the ambience of the evening. When the ceremony began, a lit full moon ascended, and guests were transported to a charming countryside filled with Chinese architecture, including pavilions and terraces. Zhang’s skills were on full display with the creation of a “river” using a screen laid across the ground, simulating a calm flowing body of water across the venue. On the “river” sat a boat made of lights, a central image of the poem. At the end of the ceremony, a video of fireworks (a Chinese invention) played. Zhang used a mirror surface to reflect a smattering of lights across the ceiling, creating the illusion of a starry sky reflected across the water’s surface. 

The stunning visual effects brought the poem to life in a breathtaking display of Chinese poetic aesthetic. In this way, the romance of Western wedding design was combined with the tradition and culture of Chinese wedding design. Guests gushed about the success of the event, sharing on social media how much they learned about Chinese culture and saying they never imagined poetry could come to life so vividly before their eyes. 

Zhang’s work demonstrates how taking a risk and relying on intense creativity can transform an often-rote event into an amazing interactive experience, one in which guests can walk away with a new appreciation of a culture and its contributions to the artistic world. Congratulations to Wei Zhang for producing "Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye!"


Throughout the summer, we will be featuring these winners and their spectacular events on the blog, so get inspired and get your event submitted for a 2023 Gala Award

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