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And the Gala Award Goes To...Green Envy

Part 7 in our 2023 Gala Award Feature Series

All photos courtesy Kelsey Regan Photography

Every wedding planner must overcome challenges in their career, but as with every good planner, you’d never know about the challenges by looking at the event photos.  

For the wedding “Green Envy” by Jaclyn Watson Events (JWE), you’d never know from the sunny photos that it rained for hours leading up to the event, making the team work like crazy to dry off everything touched by the unfortunate weather. You’d never know about all the team meetings to work around a remote private estate with no cell phone service, going through logistics (including walking through multiple hand-drawn and detail-oriented maps and setting up an alternate radio communication plan), detailing shuttle pick up times with the names and numbers of each guest to pick up across the property, and using long-range frequency radios to communicate throughout the event. 

Overcoming challenges thrown their way, the JWE team ended up creating a beautiful wedding whose color scheme mirrored the Vermont landscape where it took place. Various shades and textures, along with accents of gold and light purple, blended with the property's deep greens and stone greys. 

Florals were a focus for this look, with light purple larkspur, green hydrangeas, white and light purple scabiosa flowers and their pods, and fresh lavender and herbs creating an elegant design. The drapery lines dropped down to the tent floor, where warm earth-toned floors flowed seamlessly with the tablescape and back up, and soft white chiffon draping and unique white branch chandeliers adorned the ceiling. The tabletop setting included matte grey plates and gold flatware, green carousel glassware, and custom sage green menus tucked in light linen napkins.  

JWE worked with as many local vendors as possible, including a local honey maker (in place of traditional Vermont maple syrup). They had a custom-built escort board with shelves where the honey jars with guests' name tags were placed. Each jar also had a map of the property, adding one more special detail that doubled as a souvenir. 

All in all, the client’s vision was brought to life and the result is stunning to behold! 

Congratulations to Jaclyn Watson Events for taking home the award for Best Wedding!   

Click through to see photos from the event. 

To submit an entry to this year's Gala awards, please visit our awards portal.   

Important Dates   

  • Tuesday, April 1, 2023 | Gala Award Submissions Open   
  • September 1, 2022-September, 30, 2023 | Eligibility Period for Entries   
  • Sunday, October 15, 2023 | Regular submission deadline ($99 fee)   
  • Tuesday, October 31, 2023 | Late Bird submission deadline ($160 fee)   

If you are interested in entering in the ACE awards instead, you can enter the 2024 Catersource ACE awards in the same online portal as the Gala awards. Catersource + The Special Event will run February 12-15, 2024 in Austin, TX. Both the ACE and Gala awards will be presented during the conference at a to-be-determined location in Austin. 

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