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And the Gala Award Goes To...Rebels with a Cause

Part 6 in our Gala Award feature series

All photos courtesy AOO Events 

Gala Award for Category Best Fundraising or Nonprofit Event 

An elite fundraising event for cancer research combined with a premiere of a new building for the Ellison research institute created high expectations of success, with a year and a half of planning and a VIP guest list made up of 450 of the biggest visionaries in tech, medicine, and entertainment. And then something unthinkable happened: within four days of the event, the venue became unavailable. 

With one day spent securing a new venue, and the other three days focused on completely redesigning every aspect of the event—including all the custom-made furniture and décor—AOO Events put their nose to the grindstone and created a fantastic event in a venue three times the size of the original space. The innovation and hard work of the team met the standards of the elite guest list while literally redesigning the entire event in three days. On top of all their reconfiguration success, they raised a record amount of money for the cause.

Congratulations to AOO Events for producing Rebels with a Cause! 

Throughout the summer, we will be featuring these winners and their spectacular events on the blog, so get inspired and get your event submitted for a 2023 Gala Award
Read our submission blog post to learn more about submitting your event. 

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