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A Dance in the Clouds

The 2024 Gala Award recipient for Best Wedding brings momentary peace & cultural unity amidst troubled times

All photos courtesy Andres Schram Photography/Corrina Walker Photography


It’s difficult enough to plan a wedding in three months. It’s even more difficult when you must plan that wedding for a high-profile couple with national security needs, wide internet visibility, and strict cultural guidelines. Yet that is exactly what Lynn Fletcher Weddings did when their clients came to them, and the results were not simply satisfying—they were outstanding.

The Ukranian couple wanted to keep everything as Ukranian as possible to show support for their homeland, which is also why they chose the theme “A Dance in the Clouds,” in hopes that their wedding would provide a moment of peace from the war with a feeling of stepping into a magical fairytale. They also used the wedding as an opportunity to raise funds for reconstruction back home.

Because of the couple’s high-profile careers, there were a plethora of hoops to jump through. To start, the groom was an important political figure in Ukraine, and many of their guests were as well. There were also several Ukranian celebrities in attendance. This meant intense security needed to be provided on the big day, with 24/7 surveillance. It also meant that, since the wedding took place in Canada, guests needed permission to attend from President Zelenskyy himself—and due to changing war situations, many were not granted that permission, including the bride’s parents.

In contrast with the groom’s need for privacy, the bride’s career as a well-known influencer meant that many moments during the big day needed to be shared online to support her personal brand. The Lynn Fletcher team developed ways for her to go live throughout the day and share the activities with her audience while keeping her connected and in the moment, but also protecting the privacy of guests.

There were other details the team had to lock down before the deadline, too: serving champagne during a shortage, as well as serving vodka that was supplied by Ukranian sympathizers—which was tricky considering the venue’s in-house vodka was a Russian brand. The team managed to import Nemiroff, a Ukrainian vodka, just in time. Then, there was the matter of training the catering team on authentic Ukrainian cuisine; of finding a bakery who would make a seven-tier cake last-minute; of finding a Ukrainian DJ; and then, of finding a replacement emcee with knowledge of the nuances of Ukrainian culture when the original emcee was deployed. The team even had to hire an electrical engineer to divert power and prevent the breakers from tripping, because the venue was an old private residence not fit for the high-tech effects the team was planning. Finally, the groom’s father had a terminal illness that meant the venue had to be wheelchair-accessible, and the team hired a local company to come in to make venue modifications, ensuring the day could be enjoyable for everyone.

Somehow, the team pulled everything off.

The wedding was truly “A Dance in the Clouds” starting with the enchanting, hand-delivered invitations with artisan chocolates. The venue was decorated with dramatic, cascading flower arrangements. A local Ukrainian dance troupe was brought in to perform three traditional dances. To bring home the magical moment of peace and happiness, the dance floor was set with fog machines, and the couple, who had been taking lessons for eight weeks, danced along an enchanting, cloudy dance floor, marking a magical, dreamy moment of their love and life together.

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