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Time Is Running Out! Last Call for Gala Submissions

Final deadline for Gala Award submissions Dec. 15

You might be thinking about submitting your most incredible event of the year for a Gala Award, and there’s certainly plenty of reason to submit (see our informational blog). The official deadline for submissions has passed, but don’t worry: the late-bird submissions are still open for one more week. So whether you’ve started a submission and just haven’t quite gotten around to finishing it, or have had it on your to-do list, or have resigned yourself to the fact that the moment passed, don’t give up yet!  

Next Thursday, December 15, is the final deadline for Gala submissions.  

Pause for a moment and imagine yourself in sunny Florida in a few months, meeting other event professionals and learning from the industry experts at The Special Event Show. Picture yourself at the Gala Award ceremony, glammed to the max and getting that trophy, knowing your peers think your event was just as show-stopping as you thought! Submit that event now so you can join us on the stage at the Gala Awards. 

At the very least, submit those photos so that you can find your event across the pages of Special Events magazine in 2023, supporting an article or featured in a blog. Your submission is your key to showing off your work! 

So block off a spot on your calendar to tell us why your event deserves this accolade, and then enjoy the holiday season in all its chaos and joyous moments with your submission crossed off your to-do list. 

You deserve the recognition, and we want to see your event! 

Here are four tips for creating your best entry.

Click here to submit your event. 

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