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Kerry Lee Doehr

Are You a 'Vendor' or an 'Event Partner'?

Kerry Lee DoehrWords carry incredible power. Words have the power to tear down, build up, convey nuance, inspire, depress, encourage purchasing, and so much more. Wars have started over the wrong words. Peace has been accomplished because of the right ones. How you choose your marketing words to convey your brand is essential.

We are defined by others by the language we use, whether we like it or not. Our spelling and grammar in professional correspondence and much more tells more of who we are than one could imagine.

The term "vendor" implies an old-fashioned cart and horse service that lugs its wares from city to city, pushing its goods on would-be buyers. It also gives the connotation of a service that is a "servant mentality" and of less value than others.

What if, instead, we saw ourselves as amazing artists and contributors to an art piece that, when put together, was a masterpiece? In that regard, we are partners and we supply a service for putting together that masterpiece in collaborative equality.

Elevate it and see how things shift with a view about you, your business and how others perceive you and define you when you use the term "event supply partner" or "event partner" instead of "vendor."

Kerry Lee Doehr is CEO/founder and CEO of event planning business Santa Barbara Wine Country Weddings and Events, as well as Engaging Inspiration, a business dedicated to marketing, events and training for the special event and hospitality professional. She is committed to progress in the industry that goes beyond trend and design, saying, "Who we are and how we handle ourselves ethically is more of a barometer to business longevity and branding than all the money in the world spent on advertising."

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