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Creative at your core

One of the most galling aspects of special events is how quickly—and shamelessly—a creative idea is copied.

In a study from 10 years ago, only 4 percent of event professionals said they have never had a creative idea stolen from them by a client, competitor or former employee.

But don't let this depressing news dry up your creative juices.

My friend Cynthia Ross of Designs by C.P. Ross in Fayetteville, N.C., recently saw some design "plagiarism" by someone eager to take a short-cut.

But rather that let it get her down, it fired her up. Here is what she told me:

"If you don't do the research needed and pull from within yourself, originality will cease to exist. Design is not copied. It is from the heart and soul in all arenas of life, and that is what truly creates inspiration, new trends and ideas in our industry. If you don't try to reach, you will never be able to grow!"

Copying is easy but empty. Creativity is tough but fulfilling.

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