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Rebecca Hochreiter

The Keys to Building an Event Website that Attracts Millennials

Rebecca HochreiterHaving grown up with cell phones, social media and the Internet, millennials are entering their 20s and 30s with technology in their back pocket. Statistics tell us that more than 90 percent of engaged couples are millennials, so it’s imperative that you’re reaching them effectively.

Not sure where to start? Look first to your website and your digital footprint, which is where they will look first as well. Now is the time to take into account the following to see if you measure up:

An intuitive user experience isn’t just for millennials--any professional website should be self-explanatory and simple to navigate. From menu bars and social media plug-ins to encouraging user-generated content, everything should come together in a cohesive package that makes sense. As it might be difficult to objectively assess a website you look at every day, you may want to consider bringing in an outside party to give it a test drive and offer a fresh perspective, even assisting with improved design or UX [user experience] optimization.

Millennial consumers spend a great deal of their time on their phones, so you’ll want to make sure you are optimized for mobile and tablets to balance your desktop counterpart. In many instances, you may want to consider a separate site created strictly for mobile use rather than one responsive design built across screens.

Your website should be one part of a more cohesive identity, which also takes into account things such as your logo, brand colors, tone of voice, blog post themes, image gallery, advertising tactics and materials, and social media creative. Keep in mind that the messaging is also a part of your brand. Does your company, for example, engage casually with your audience in a playful and clever tone, or does your website require a professional voice?

Whatever your company personality is, make sure that your website encapsulates the essence of your brand as well as projects confidence in your expertise. Likewise, testimonials can go a long way in affirming your professionalism and track record, so be sure to include reviews that are in line with your brand. Remember--your ultimate goal should be to ensure your customers inherently trust your abilities through proven experience and results.

A user-friendly and on-brand website is great for acquiring leads, but what about keeping prospects on your site and interested in your brand? This is where the content side of your website comes in.

It no longer suffices to simply have pages representing your services; now, it’s also important to provide rich content that will draw in your target audience, and project yourself as a thought leader as well as a fun brand to engage with. Millennials have a thirst for bite-sized information that grabs their attention, so informative blog posts covering things like tips and trends, "top 5 favorite" lists and general industry news and commentary should be considered. Be sure also to include inspirational image galleries that are updated regularly. For an added dose of authenticity, infuse user-generated content from your real customers into both.

Yes, your priority is to provide a service or product, but you should also aim to educate and engage visitors with inspiring yet accessible content that will better the chances they’ll invest in your services.

Social media is likely where you showcase the highlights, sales, promotions and behind-the-scenes moments of your brand, so make it easy for potential customers to find you there and stay in regular contact. Here as well, user-generated content is a great way to draw in and engage prospective clients, so it’s important to integrate it to encourage further interaction, which may lead to future repeat business and customer referrals.

When it comes down to it, your website is often the first impression that potential clients will have of your company. It serves as both your digital storefront and the face of your brand identity, so make sure one that will not only fulfill their needs, but will also leave them wanting more!

Rebecca Hochreiter is the vice president of marketing and customer engagement at, the world's leading destination wedding and romantic travel planning company. has worked with nearly 25,000 couples and half a million guests to plan dream destination weddings. is one of the award-winning brands in the Celebration Travel Group collection. 

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