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Caplan Michael

Less Time, Less Budget, Same High Expectations

It’s an ongoing refrain, and it’s getting louder.  Timelines for live meeting production and associated budgets are shrinking. And the pressure is still on to deliver on desired outcomes. You need to create experiences that impact on many levels … and to get it right the first time. 

Every day counts. Innovation is critical. To save time, the temptation to use established themes or updated templates from previous meetings is understandable, but that doesn’t cut it. The audience expects a fresh experience.

Step 1: Your solution resides in the actual client content. Start your search for the original concept by drilling right down into their core messages. From there you can quickly derive the custom theme, build on the emotions and transform the content into a highly engaging and fresh meeting experience.

No template needed (or wanted). And you arrive on time and on budget.

Step 2: How to help your client get more bang for the buck?

You can really help your client get more value by mining the live event for content and amortizing the cost over their annual communications program.

They can continue to motivate their employees all year by maintaining the emotional connection through the theme they experienced at the live event.

Plan for opportunities to repurpose video content and live programming ideas that integrate into other employee outreach channels.

With less time and resources, this approach demonstrates the potential of live events to deliver value to an organization that has high expectations and demands desired outcomes.

Michael Caplan is the founder and creative director of Sensix Communications & Events, an event planner and meeting producer based in Montreal and Toronto. He has been named Canadian Event Producer of the Year and has consistently led his team to Special Events Gala Award nominations and awards.

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