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Igal Sapir of 100Candlescom

Lighting Your Venue: Indoor and Outdoor Options

Igal Sapir of 100Candles.comNo matter the venue, event lighting is crucial when it comes to setting the mood for your client’s soiree, so it’s important to use what best fits the requirements of the space.


Consider indoor venues a blank canvas. While most places have overhead lighting, it may not be the most flattering for a special event, so keep that in mind when planning an event’s design.

Candles can add a warm and intimate feel to any indoor space, but be sure to check with the venue coordinator to check on any specific regulations regarding open flames in closed spaces. It may be prudent to opt for battery-operated candles instead, which come in just about any color imaginable and can even offer the same flickering effect as a traditional wax candle.

String lights, on the other hand, pose no risks whatsoever and can be repurposed around the room in different fashions. Whether it’s suspending them across the room like a canopy or coiling them in the centerpieces, these versatile pieces can shine a light on any details in the room.


There’s something about being outdoors that already brings a light and friendly vibe to a special event, but adding certain lighting techniques can make the most of an already-beautiful space. While it may take a bit of creativity to rig up the perfect design outside, the results are certainly worth it!

Additionally, eco-friendly candle options, such as soy and beeswax, are great for green conscious clients who want to minimize their environmental footprint. And better yet? They’re widely available.

Similar to indoor events, LED string lights can be used in a multitude of ways, from hanging bistro lights across the reception area to winding them around trees.

Submersible LED lights are also a fun option to add to centerpieces for a soft glow that can be customized to any color to match your client’s theme. Battery-operated candles can also be used in luminaries or glass lanterns to line the walkways around the reception site to light the way, also keeping guests safe.

Tented receptions can often mimic the same lighting designs as an indoor event, with chandeliers, washes and monograms in the realm of possibility. However, for these more technical lighting options, your client will want to get in touch with an expert who has experience setting up and handling lighting throughout the night.

The possibilities of lighting up the big night are virtually endless, so rest assured that each and every client can have their vision come to life with a bit of creativity!

Igal Sapir is the founder of, an online market that offers a wide range high-quality candles. From weddings and birthdays to holiday parties and fundraisers has enjoyed celebrating life’s biggest moments along with their customers since 2002.

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