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Megan Velez

New Options Open Up for Jewish Destination Weddings

In 2017, customization reigns supreme in the destination wedding market, with a number of rich and diverse offerings taking center stage for the modern couple. And while the idea of hosting a kosher destination wedding was once thought of as a challenge, the growing personalization of celebrations away from home has enabled to-be-weds from all backgrounds to tie the knot wherever their hearts desire.

Nowadays, planning a wedding in an exotic locale is much simpler, and Jewish couples can plan freely while still incorporating the personal traditions and expressions of faith that they hold dear.

In fact, as cultural celebrations break out from the traditional at-home mold, properties located in popular destinations have become increasingly accommodating to all faiths and traditions, even as far as providing certain needs for on-site celebrations. In particular, Cancun and Riviera Maya, Mexico have been at the forefront of welcoming Jewish destination weddings. We have seen an increase in properties that work closely with local rabbis to officiate ceremonies, as well as a willingness to help with the construction and/or decoration of a chuppah. This takes the to-do’s off of couples’ plates, as they do not have to worry quite as much about making sure their wedding is up to traditional standards.

Catering is another concern that past Jewish couples have had to consider when planning their weddings away. However, with the rise in venues that are looking to go above and beyond for cultural celebrations, we have seen that kosher menus are entirely feasible in many corners of the world. Many properties have access to kosher-friendly foods and chefs that specialize in kosher meals, while still some provide an entirely kosher kitchen to ensure the menu is fully compliant with dietary restrictions.

While finding ways to create a day that is uniquely personalized, many couples strongly value their faith and want to stick to the rituals that their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents have followed. With that said, today’s Jewish destination wedding packages are fully customizable to blend cultural traditions with contemporary aspects that showcase the couple’s personalities.

Still, there may be some details that brides and grooms will need to handle on their own for their dream destination wedding. For example, displaying a ketubah may be an important aspect of the Big Day, so finding a way to safely and securely transport it to the destination will be an important task for the couple. Some of the smaller obstacles can easily be overcome with careful thinking and advance planning. Be sure to use your resources and lean on your wedding planners for help--they are the experts, after all!

Nowadays, faith-based celebrations go hand-in-hand with destination weddings – there is nothing to hold back any couples that dream about taking their nuptials on the road.

Megan Velez is the vice president of product at, a destination wedding and romantic-travel-planning company. has worked with nearly 25,000 couples and half a million guests to plan dream destination weddings. The company is one of the award-winning brands in the Celebration Travel Group collection. 

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