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The power of 100 pennies

It was wonderful to be part of the ISES Indiana Education Conference last week.

Every session I sat in on was thought-provoking (Ryan Hanson has got me thinking still about "designing" versus "decorating").

But one comment from Todd Lloyd has really stuck with me.

In his presentation on success, he explained that before he founded Chair Covers & Linens, he had a job selling financial products. On his desk, he kept a cup holding 100 pennies. Every day, he would dump the pennies out, putting one back in the cup each time he made a sales call. He didn't stop making calls until all the pennies were back in the cup.

He did well selling financial products.

So often, people complain that work is too hard, the competition has an unfair edge, the business climate is too tough. We forget that there is just no substitute for sticking with it until you win.

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