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The profitable politics of special events

The profitable politics of special events

The robocalls, the attack ads, the surprisingly nasty Facebook posts from people you thought you knew. There is oh-so-much to hate about a presidential election year in the United States.

And yet I love the election years for one good reason: They are great for special events.

The incredible staging for the Republican National Convention in Florida, the inclusive strategy of events at the Democratic National Convention. Elections bring a bonanza of business to event companies.

We compile a list of big event companies every year (our "50 Top Event Companies" list); what constitutes "big" gets boosted every time the elections (and the Olympics) come along every four years to juice things up.

And even if your company does not get hired by some big politico, you can still make an election year count. Case in point: The Luxe Sunset Hotel in Los Angeles just served as an official polling station--and served in style.

The hotel put its polling station in its Luxe Sunset ballroom. Voters were treated to complimentary valet parking, hors d'oeuvre throughout the day, and vouchers for future dinners at the hotel.

This largess has already garnered plenty of publicity for the hotel.

I'll vote for that.

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