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Lisa Hurley 2017 Photo by White Balance Photography

Sometimes it's best to stick to the script

One more thing I really loved about the royal wedding in April was when the ceremony came to the part where William and Kate inserted their own wedding prayer, you couldn't instantly recognize that it was something new.

My wedding took place in an Episcopal church, and so much of their ceremony was quite familiar—right down to the "I will" instead of "I do." The language is graceful and dignified, and it's hard to improve on it. Sometimes, it's wise not to try.

I attended one wedding where the couple skipped the "till death do us part" part and instead promised to stay married "as long as our love shall last." Why they didn't just add, "And until you get pudgy or something better comes along," I'll never know.

Being original is bad when "original" means contrary, vain and self-absorbed. Being original is good when "original" means heartfelt, honest and humble.

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