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Top Tech Apps for Event Pros--Part 1

Top Tech Apps for Event Pros--Part 1

Kevin DennisIf you’re one who is always looking for better solutions and more effective ways to work through your day-to-day processes, look no further--there are a number of apps out there designed to help you with just that.

Whether you’re looking to transform your business or if you just need to tweak a few regular tasks, there’s certainly an answer to your needs.

File Storage: We all know the importance of having all of our files on hand at any given moment. What happens if you run into a prospect at the local coffee shop? Enter cloud-based storage platforms. Dropbox and Transporter are two of my favorites--in fact, I’d bet that I use each of them on a daily basis. Box, Google Drive, and iCloud are also great options--the choice ultimately depends on your needs.

Communication: From colleagues to clients, event planning is all about communication. Luckily, there are plenty of apps to keep us well connected. Photo Circle is great for planners and photographers, as you can share images with your team and clients. Slack is a favorite for chatting with your team--you can send files over private conversations. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, on the other hand, are great for destination planning as they act as texting apps over WiFi.

Scheduling: Save yourself the headache of going back and forth with clients to get a meeting on the calendar. With apps like Doodle and Calendly, you can leave the decision up to them--they’ll see your schedule and be able to schedule a meeting whenever you’re free. The app will then update your calendar and let you know you have a new meeting.

Finances: Finance is definitely an area where we don’t want to mess around with—but that being said, we also know that it can take up a lot of time. My personal favorite app to organize finances is Square, which not only handles credit card processing but also allows for online payments, payroll processing, and scheduling--all for a competitive rate. FreshBooks is another entrepreneurial favorite, as it offers simple invoicing and time tracking through both the desktop and a mobile app.

Contracts: Quit waiting around for your contract to be returned with a signature – everything can now be done virtually! There are a number of programs that will allow clients to sign a document without having to print or scan anything. Adobe Document Cloud E-Sign Services is my go-to, but some business owners swear by other services, like DocuSign, HelloSign, and Right Signature.

Project Management: There are a million and one apps out there for project management, so I’ll share a couple of favorites that I use everyday. Basecamp is the ultimate platform for collaborating with team members and clients at the same time. You can easily schedule out to-dos for everyone to complete, along with a deadline. Evernote is another great option for those who like to keep everything organized in one place--you can save images, keep notes, add checklists and more.

Event Planning: While you may be an expert at all things events, it can help to keep your thoughts in one place. Aisle Planner and Honeybook help event planners collaborate with the client couple. They act as one-stop spots for event professionals, saving us from switching between apps. Social Tables and All Seated help create accurate seating plans with clients.

Today's event apps mean you're only a step or two away from streamlining your business processes and saving yourself the time spent on redundant tasks.

Kevin Dennis is the owner of Livermore, Calif.-based Fantasy Sound Event Services, providing DJ services, videography, event lighting, décor, photo booths and wedding consultation. Dennis is the current chapter president for Silicon Valley NACE, and the immediate past national president for WIPA.

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