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Chew on This: KFC to Debut Edible Coffee Cup in U.K. Photo by Yum Brands

Chew on This: KFC to Debut Edible Coffee Cup in U.K.

KFC to debut edible coffee cup in United Kingdom

Want a little something sweet with your cup of coffee? How about eating the coffee cup itself?

Food innovations keep pushing the envelope of what is possible--but KFC’s latest brainwave is up there with the strangest we’ve heard. The noted purveyors of fried chicken are introducing the Seattle’s Best Coffee brand into their stores in the U.K., and to coincide with this they have invented a new edible cup to put it in: The cup consists of biscuit wrapped in sugar paper that is lined with heat-resistant white chocolate. As the chocolate slowly melts, the biscuit will soften but crucially not break apart until you bite it off. The cup--delightfully named the Scoff-ee Cup – was put together by KFC in partnership with a food science company called The Robin Collective.—MSN Money

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