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Springing Into a New Season

Get inspired with DSquared Hospitality Company's Spring Menu Rollout

All photos courtesy Mandee Rae
Cover photo: Garlic & thyme roasted rainbow carrots & leeks


Spring is a season best characterized by a sense of renewal, a time when the earth becomes green again and a variety of fresh produce returns to the scene. 

It’s also a time when caterers create new menus, leaning into the flavors and colors that haven’t been available throughout the cold of winter.

Seattle-based DSquared Hospitality Company rolled out their new spring menu in March, leaning into the local produce of the Pacific Northwest.

Ashley Durant, the executive sous chef of Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes, a DSquared company, weighs in on being true to the local microclimate while embracing the change in season: “The interesting thing about developing a spring menu in our region is that while we do showcase fun spring produce—like asparagus, rhubarb, fava beans, and leafy greens—our Seattle springs are still relatively cold and dark, so we also want to continue to provide warm and cozy options, like our new soup starter.” 

The menu embraces popular spring ingredients, like sweet peas, radishes, lamb, ham, a variety of leafy greens, spring mushrooms, lemon, and lavender, and these ingredients show up in a variety of ways, from classics like risotto and roasted vegetables to unique starters such as Scallion Artichoke Fritters with lemon tahini sauce and Cucumber Gazpacho with almond dill gremolata.

Desserts take inspiration from the change in season, too. The Fromage Blanc Panna Cotta with fresh strawberries is the Tuxedo and Tennis Shoes teams’ favorite addition. Light and fresh flavors announce the coming of warmer weather!

Of course, beverages also get a refresh in spring. Elderflower, mint, and citrus reflect the shift from winter to spring.

Being on top of your region’s taste trends is one of the best ways to connect with your clients when the time comes to talk about their catering needs.

Read our 2023 Fall Issue to learn more about seasonal menus.

Enjoy these refreshing new menu ideas!

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