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15th Annual Special Events 25 Top DMCs

It's our annual look at the biggest players in the world of destination management companies.


San Diego
Jennifer Miller, DMCP
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $100 million
CAPABILITIES Founded in 1969, ACCESS is "committed to working with companies to drive organizational change through the power of shared and inspiring experiences," management says. The team aims to be the client's "single source for everything from creative special event and program design, to transportation logistics, CSR programs, recreational activities, and more. We offer local expertise everywhere and innovative solutions anywhere."
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS Highlights of the past year have included a five-day incentive program for a globally recognized health and beauty company for 4,500 guests in San Diego, including local must-haves such as skateboarding and biking demonstrations by X Game champions on a custom half-pipe, "bootcamp training" with real Navy SEALS, and a buyout of Petco Park complete with a custom fireworks show; the program was honored with a Special Events Gala Award nomination. The team also kept busy with the 20th annual 6abc Dunkin' Donuts Thanksgiving Day parade in Philadelphia, with 750,000 spectators and 7 million TV viewers, and a carnival-theme block party for 1,200 and a "Taste" event for 3,000, both in Chicago.
TRENDS TO WATCH “As the industry continues to consolidate, more than ever planners are looking for consistency in service, creativity and, most importantly, program execution,“ management says. “Being creative and having local expertise is a given for any DMC, but consistently delivering on what you say you’re going to deliver is what’s driving the long-lasting strategic partnerships planners are looking for.”

Advantage Destination and Meeting Services

Advantage Destination and Meeting Services
North Miami Beach, Fla.

ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $10 million to $12 million
CAPABILITIES Serving big Florida destinations Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Naples, Marco Island, Palm Beach and Boca Raton, this DMC will celebrate 21 years in business this summer, and is proud to annouce it has added two more DMCPs to its "record-setting roser of most DMCPs under one roof"--at 11.
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS Highlights of the past year have included turning a 100,000-square-foot warehouse in Miami's hip Wynwood district into a "Havana Nightclub" for 2,700 guests at a social media giant's global sales meeting, including 1950s cars, 12 Cuban food stations and a floating DJ booth with a thatched roof. At an event at Miami's landmark Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, the Advantage team created a Cape Cod-atmosphere for some 500 guests, placing furniture groupings all around the terraces.
TRENDS TO WATCH “'Experiential' events are super-popular and in high demand," management says. "In today’s market, one size fits nobody, and in order to stand out, you need to offer something that makes a lasting impression on your guests. It could be something as simple as appealing to your guest’s need--such as morning yoga before General Session-- or having experienced something they’ve never seen or done before--such as shark tagging for research. Once you make your guests feel involved, it’s a win-win because now they have a vested interest."

BBC Bonnie Boyd
BBC Destination Management
Global DMC Partners
New Orleans

ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $5 million to $6 million
CAPABILITIES The veteran DMC relies on its "creativity in every facet of event design," custom decor capabilites thanks to its in-house studio, "superior vendor relations," transportation services, and "passion for the partnerships and the product."
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS BBC's work over the past year has included a citywide shuttle for 6,000 people that went "flawlessly," they say. "We partnered with a wonderful Fortune 500 client in rebuilding a home in a Hurricane Katrina-affected area." Another fun event included a competitive team-building go-kart experience with top winners racing in Ferraris and taking photos with racing legend Mario Andretti.
TRENDS TO WATCH "DMCs have to teach clients what their true value is in the market they represent," management says. "We are not just the transportation or staffing experts, but truly experts in the heart and soul of our city. Give your DMC your goals and objectives and trust in them to give you back an unforgettable authentic experience!"

Bixel & Co.

Bixel & Co.
A DMC Network Company
Los Angeles

TOP OFFICER Dabney Bixel
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $10 million to $10.5 million
CAPABILITIES Management points with pride to its reputation for producing "unforgettable events coupled with unparalleled execution, in addition to exhibiting a masterful grasp of our destination’s ins and outs." The L.A.-born and -bred team notes the longevity and diverse interests of members, giving them "unrivaled knowledge of our destination, ranging from iconic Los Angeles landmarks to the hippest new restaurants and nightspots, as well as access to many exclusive venues and activities." They add, "From Fortune 500 companies to boutique independent firms, our diverse clientele entrusts us with their most critical event, destination, incentive and meeting needs.”
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS The year 2018-2019 has been "innovative" for Bixel, management says, "as we have further grown and diversified our client base and produced programs for industry verticals that we have never partnered with before." Highlights have included an event at a Hollywood studio fashioned after "The Godfather" movie, with themed decor, fine Italian catering, opera singers and an outdoor screening of the film. Another event was hosted at an historic mansion in Beverly Hills. "The event had a very classy feel with a touch of Old World sophistication," the team says. "It was another event that allowed the team to exhibit our creative repertoire.”
TRENDS TO WATCH “One of the major trends we continue to observe is our clients’ focus on taking an experiential approach to their events and programs," management says. "At Bixel, we have always concentrated on leaving a lasting impression on our guests by providing engaging experiences, so this was nothing new for us." The team points to “a sharp increase" in companies wanting to strengthen the bond of their teams by calling for team-building activities.

CE Group

CE Group
A DMC Network Company
San Antonio

TOP OFFICER Janet Holliday
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $5 million to $6 million
CAPABILITIES CE values customer service and client relationships "above anything else," management says. "We have created landmark events in San Antonio and utilized those resources to create authentic experiences for visitors of our culturally rich city. Our unique structure to service programs with a key project manager maintaining contact throughout the duration of a program sets us apart in our market."
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS With San Antonio showcased as the site of the 2018 Final Four basketball tourney and the city's 300th anniversary, the CE team has been busy with a program for more than 1,000 attendees with 15 different tour options and a golf tournament spanning 18 courses--all in the metropolitan area.
TRENDS TO WATCH Traveling in style: "Our tour experiences are seeing an increase in VIP customizations, which include sourcing unique transportation and providing meal and beverage service during transports," management says. "Program lead time is decreasing, allowing our team to create flawless events with more direction, maximizing our client’s time and budget. Interactive entertainment is increasingly popular to capture those social media-worthy moments and give guests another talking point."



TOP OFFICER David Hainline
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $40 million
CAPABILITIES This full-service destination and event management company takes pride in its expertise in special events, festivals, custom tours, community give-back activities, team-building, meeting management, transportation and staffing. "In addition to our strategic office locations, CSI partners with clients in any location, bringing destination research and industry intel to wherever their programs may be next," management says.
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS “CSI is dedicated to finding new and unexpected ways to bring events to life for our clients,” management says, including an Alice in Wonderland-themed bash, a "totally new" take on a presidential party inside the Library of Congress, and an obstacle course on the beach where guests used RFID wristbands to compete for the best time.
TRENDS TO WATCH “Demonstrating to our clients that we are committed to partnering with them, to understanding their needs and helping them develop content that speaks to their guests, in addition to their selected destination, year after year is critical,” management says. “Our clients know that regardless of how a situation changes, during the planning process or even during the event itself, we are there every step of the way to ensure success. We want to look beyond just the needs of that one event and into the heart of our clients, what organizations and causes they champion, and deliver integrated touchpoints that create meaningful connections and support in their communities and around the world.”

Dallas Fan Fares
Dallas Fan Fares

TOP OFFICER Kaye Burkhardt
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $12 million
CAPABILITIES The company provides DMC services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, along with managing corporate hospitality at major sports events, ground transportation, team-building programs and theme parties.
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS Programs over the past year included DMC services for sports events including the Super Bowl, college football Playoffs, Formula One, World Series and the Masters golf tournament, along with corporate events.
TRENDS TO WATCH The No. 1 trend? "It's all about the experience!" management says. "The big influx of companies into this DMC's market means many new opportunities for us in all service segments of our company."

DECO Productions
DECO Productions
A DMC Network Company

TOP OFFICER Sharon Siegel
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $5.5 million plus
CAPABILITIES This full-service, one-stop-shop DMC located in South Florida has been in business more than 30 years. Management says the team comprises "dedicated and experienced designers, producers, account managers and strategic planners who pride themselves in delivering elevated experiences to inspire, connect and transform people throughout the journey" of an event. Capabilities include more than 20,000 square feet of warehouse space and in-house custom fabrication, linens, florals, lighting, graphics, printing and design.
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS Over the past year, the DECO team produced more than 300 events, with the Miami Make-a-Wish Ball as a highlight, they say. "This one-night event required a three-day install, where we completely transformed the Intercontinental Miami Hotel into a 'Summer of Love,' featuring multiple themed rooms with custom-built decor, unique and award-winning entertainment, and a live fashion show. The event hosted 800-plus guests and helped raise over $2.25 million for the Make-A-Wish Foundation," they say.
TRENDS TO WATCH The big trends: "Attendee engagement and brand awareness!" management says. "Our clients are really focusing on the networking aspect of the event and positioning of their brand. By creating fun interactive stations throughout the event, it allows attendees to engage with one another on a more personal level, creating an overall positive and memorable experience. Custom-built interactive stations and photo backdrops allow for brand awareness and exposure on social media--helping them reach an even larger audience post-event."

DCi 2019
Destination Concepts Inc.
Global DMC Partners
San Diego

TOP OFFICERS Brynne Frost, Ana Reilly
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $22 million to $23 million
CAPABILITIES In business 20 years, this privately owned DMC offers production and logistics services, with in-house teams providing event design, graphic design, and entertainment. Offering "a new level of personalization that only a truly independent DMC can deliver, DCi distinguishes itself further from other 'franchise style' DMCs by featuring exclusive access to a design company with an expansive decor inventory and custom-built decor," management says.
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS The team has been busy this past year with events across the spectrum, from "an 8,000-person transportation departure in the pouring rain that went off without a hitch to an Instagram photo-inspired pop-up event in the middle of L.A.’s Xbox Plaza," management says. "We’ve tackled a multi-day Orange County citywide conference for a corporate client and numerous Coachella-inspired events with thematic decor, interactive entertainment--our favorite is bringing in a Ferris wheel--and even an influencer experience during the festival itself."
TRENDS TO WATCH "Trends we are seeing in the industry are large groups bringing amazing programs to the table with a much shorter planning time," management says. "Another trend we are seeing is B2B events and B2C events starting to blur together, as the need for marketing throughout an event is becoming more apparent and widely used."

Destinations by Design
Destinations by Design
Las Vegas
Melissa Aupperle, Debby Jacobs Felker, Josh Ford
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $25 million to $35 million
CAPABILITIES In operation since 1990, Destinations by Design provides high-quality destination management, event and design services to the incentive and corporate markets. Recent clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as major hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. Now 100 percent employee owned, DBD operates a 130,000-plus-square-foot facility, which supports both current business and future growth. The space is home to the company's more than 100 employees with all departments--warehouse, floral studio, design studio, entertainment, sales and operations--under one roof.
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS Event highlights over the past year have included the team choreographing and delivering a one-hour custom production taking 3,000 attendees on a journey through Las Vegas: past, present and future. The production included more than 20 professional dancers, orchestra members, eight specialty acts, singers, and a custom video compilation. DBD also partnered with Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on its spring lobby installation, including freestanding panels with moss, poetry inscriptions and botanical illustrations.
TRENDS TO WATCH DBD is proud of its hometown: "One reason Las Vegas is a top choice, year after year, is that there is always something new to see and experience," management says. "Our resort and business partners continually invest in improvements to keep the destination fresh and appealing to business travelers."

Global DMC Network by JTB Group

Global DMC Network by JTB Group
Jun Takeda
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $4 billion to $5 billion
CAPABILITIES The team comprises 13 DMC partner companies, covering a total of 140 destinations over five continents. "These DMCs offer a wide range of high-quality services that include the arrangement of MICE, meetings and events as well as corporate travel across the world," management says. “Our B2B network also offers specialized leisure groups and high-end FIT internationally, assisting agencies who wish to hold global events. As a result, we can offer true flexibility to our clients."
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS Highlights of the past year have included the Friendship Gala during the Honolulu Festival; TPI America’s handling of the Red Bull incentive and Toyota India incentive group; HONDA Thailand event by TPI Canada; LOTTE JTB’s support during the Pyeongchang Olympics; and the PwC Summit and Movement Disorder Society Congress Event by Tour East.
TRENDS TO WATCH “Political factors are having an effect of the travel industry," management notes. "This, in combination with the digitization of travel, makes the travel industry more competitive. Our ability to adapt to markets and to offer new, unique venues and activities have helped us to overcome some of these factors, keeping us as one of the strongest global DMC networks worldwide.”

Hello! Destination Management

Hello! Destination Management
Orlando, Fla.
Paul Mears III
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $125 million
CAPABILITIES The company combines expertise in traditional DMC logistical services with an "absolute commitment" to innovative program and event design. "Our teams successfully manage over 35 destinations in 10 offices coast to coast," management says, providing transportation, theme decor and entertainment, tours and activities, dine-arounds, team-building, off-site events, hospitality staff, and attraction and museum tickets.
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS The team brought home a Special Events Gala Award in January for an event for a big financial services firm. Some 2,000 guests were swept back in time to an era when the kings of jazz reigned and people danced the Charleston to swinging tunes from big band orchestras. "As we intertwined their magical journey with the captivating history of the Arizona Biltmore resort and Wrigley Mansion, mirth and merriment awaited guests with surprise and delight moments from arrival to departure," they say with pride.
TRENDS TO WATCH “We’ve seen an increase in dining tours as a daytime activity," management says. "Guests are interested in discovering the local flavors and how they came to be favorites. They also love learning the story of how they are made and the people behind them. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of experiences in our markets to help us round out our clients’ event or program for a day of unforgettable local flavors.”

Hosts Global

Hosts Global
Las Vegas
Jennifer Patino, DMCP
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $295 million
CAPABILITIES Hosts Global is "a strategic partner for meeting and event planners worldwide," management says. "We offer full-service destination management in over 300 locations through our global alliance of select destination management companies. Our clients receive streamlined global planning, dedicated account management, and superior execution of group programs including meetings, conventions, incentive programs and special events."
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS Standout events from the past year include Hosts Washington DC production of a seated dinner for 200 at the city's landmark National Cathedral and an incentive event from member Hadler DMC Scandinavia that took guests more than 3,000 miles over the course of nine days to enjoy the splendors of Denmark, Greenland and Iceland.
TRENDS TO WATCH The years 2019-2020 will "remain strong for the DMC industry overall," management says. "Face-to-face meetings and companies recognizing the importance of incentives for their salesforce continue to be driving factors in steady growth for the events industry. Identifying event ROI and incorporating technology into meetings and group functions is not a trend, but a must-do. Planners are also seeking solutions for creating sustainable events, including all three pillars--social, environmental and economic impact. We continue to see a focus on risk management and ensuring emergency preparedness is in the forefront of the planning process. While this is not a new trend, it is now an expectation of our clients."

Imprint Group

Imprint Events Group
A DMC Network Company

TOP OFFICERS Nicole Marsh, CMP, DMCP, Chris Starkey
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $20 million
CAPABILITIES This full-service DMC and experiential event company serves Colorado, north and central Florida, and Las Vegas, creating one-of-a-kind "events with identity" for clients, management says. "Working with a team with more than 500 years of combined experience allows us to look at each event, experience or solution with a unique angle in providing what's best for each client's specific goals and objectives. There is nothing cookie-cutter about what we do." Imprint also owns and operates a full-service entertainment and production company developing bands, unique live acts, team-building programs and custom shows, along with full-scale AV and production services for meetings and conferences.
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS Clients call for " high-end experiential events," Imprint says. "Our clients are pushing, and allowing, us to truly create events for them from scratch. They want something has never been seen or done before and are relying on our creative team to curate that experience. From custom entertainment to unique branding elements and production, they trust us to execute and deliver on these ideas, on time and on budget."
TRENDS TO WATCH Clients--especially in financial and automotive sectors--call for custom work. "They are in tune with what their competition is doing and don’t want to be presented with the same decor or entertainment representative of the destinations they are visiting," management says. "DMCs are being challenged to work from scratch and not pull concepts of the shelf from previous events. The execution of transportation and activities is expected to be flawless and the destination experiences unique and memorable, not something individuals can walk off the street and do on their own. We’re working with our vendor partners to develop exclusive offerings to meet these demands."



IVI DMC2 Enterprises
Cancun, Mexico

TOP OFFICER Jose-Manuel Garcia
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $10 million
CAPABILITIES The company provides full destination services for incentives, meetings and events in more than 30 destinations in five Latin American countries (Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Panama). Management notes its ISO 9001:2015 certification, ADMC accreditation, full-coverage liability insurance, and safety and security programs.
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS The team handled planning and logistics for a program of more than 7,000 participants from the United States in a course of five waves in 30 days at the Riviera Maya, including all arrival and departure transfers as well as private activities and tours.
TRENDS TO WATCH Clients today are looking for events with corporate social responsibility elements and for authentic experiences in which they can learn about the culture of the destination, management says.


TOP OFFICERS David Graves, Mike Graves, Tom McCulloch
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $14 million
CAPABILITIES Conference services, event services, production services and transportation services are combined in one strategic group. The company also owns a 35,000-square-foot facility including offices, a prop and set warehouse, fabrication shop, plus a content and video editing office.
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS The team has been busy over the past year with work for corporate clients and sports events in Minneapolis including the Minnesota Sports Awards and NCAA and PGA events.
TRENDS TO WATCH Short-term business is booming, the team says.

Ovation Global DMC
Sebastien Tondeur
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $75 million to $85 million
CAPABILITIES Ovation’s worldwide reach is its noteworthy capability, management says; the company has offices in more than 100 destinations across five continents. Operations comprise 26 wholly owned DMCs and a wide range of strategic partners.
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS Ovation Switzerland oversaw the Michelin Premium Driving Experience: Grand Tour of Switzerland--a driving incentive in supercars fitted with high-end Michelin tire across stunning sites in Switzerland along with dinners in Michelin-starred restaurants. The Ovation Spain team continued in its role as a key partner to a number of large corporate clients during the Mobile World Congress 2019. Along with VIP services, Ovation Spain also handled 10,000-plus room nights during the Barcelona-based exhibition.
TRENDS TO WATCH Management points to three top trends: The rise of second-tier destinations, corporate entities choosing to work directly with DMC destination partners instead of their event management agencies, and the growing importance of experiential activities for incentive programs and events. "Food has become an important factor," they say. "Not just the quality, but the story, local features and presentation that needs to be themed within the events is key." Also, Ovation has recently partnered with the Michelin Guide, which "sets the tone for cross-sector collaborative involvement of different providers."



Pacific World
Barcelona, Singapore

TOP OFFICER Selina Sinclair
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $75 million
CAPABILITIES The 45-plus Pacific World offices are "fully integrated" as one company with 350 employees worldwide, management says. "With in-house creative teams, Pacific World is able to deliver event design, production and logistics in 100-plus destinations worldwide. We track the industry trends and are constantly listening to our clients’ needs to design new products for meetings, incentives and events that engage guests with the destinations, their people and their culture but also with the corporate brands hosting the meeting, incentive or event."
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS Big events this past year have included a conference in Bangkok for 1,000 guests; highlights included a main plenary session featuring a content display that allowed interaction between the speakers and audience, and a thematic gala dinner that offered a unique "night in the souk" style. A custom program in Monte Carlo featured landmark monuments and venues, while other events showcased unconventional venues, such as a former bull ring in Spain and a banana plantation on Tenerife Island.
TRENDS TO WATCH Major trends include a growing interest in emerging destinations, events with corporate social responsibility elements, and clients' desire for wellness experiences, management says. Guests want to engage with locals and support the sustainable development of the local communities, which in turn immerses the guests" in a full destination experience." Also important: incorporating risk management and response elements into programs.

Tony Lorenz
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $175 million to $200 million plus
CAPABILITIES PRA offers 28 destination locations as well as a remote strategic account team to collaborate on event program execution worldwide, all with an eye to provide "transformative business experiences," management says. Through its ownership of events and communication agency One Smooth Stone, "PRA offers end-to-end integrated creative, production and communication solutions aligned with business events and local destination experiences." The team recently acquired event management firm Koncept Events, now operating as PRA South Florida, as well launched an office in the Louisville, Ky., market. All PRA offices receive global sales support, standardized business tools and systems, a quality-assurance compliance program, emergency preparedness and crisis communications protocol, and centralized, proprietary CRM software and other technology "to drive performance and consistency across our business," they say.
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS Highlights of the year have included a five-day incentive program that featured a living art museum in a private hangar with 20,000 feet of string lights, custom watercolor prints, and living statues of Degas ballerinas. Guests of a high-tech client in Orlando, Fla., were treated to an aviation-themed event that put them into vintage airplanes to simulate classic World War I dogfights. To celebrate the big new cruise ship Bliss, the team coordinated six concurrent christening ceremonies with high-end entertainment and celebrity hosts across all the ship’s premier venues, with Xyloband technology leading the guests to venue assignments.
TRENDS TO WATCH "At PRA, we continue to help redefine our sector through further consolidation and service extensions around strategy, content, creative, experience and technology as continuing themes, without creating unnecessary channel conflict with our valued third-party client partners," management says. "Our acquisitions and our new partnership with Tour East/JTB round out the primary levers we are pulling to deliver on the evolving needs of the market we serve."

RMC: Resorts | Mountains |Cities
Aspen, Colo.
Shawn Thomson
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $31.5 million
CAPABILITIES To make events perfect, "We thrive on the details, from decor and entertainment, to the extra enhancements and customization to make each client experience unique," management says. "We also provide the best customer service in the industry."
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS In Jackson Hole, Wyo., RMC executed a Moroccan event with full ceiling activation, custom-made bars, and "stunning" event lighting, management says. "We had famous aerialist dancers perform throughout the event, and guests had a blast!" The team also threw a fam event to showcase Montage Los Cabos’ [Mexico] venue space, as well as the hotel’s food/beverage, service and atmosphere, targeting high-end corporate incentive meeting planners. "In addition, we wanted to showcase its decor ability--how we can take special events to the next level with a small budget."
TRENDS TO WATCH "Clients desire more interaction and guest involvement in their events, such as live bar action stations or magicians who provide sleight-of-hand tricks," management notes. "On the other end of the spectrum, our larger, high-end clients are asking for simpler, more elegant, yet powerful events where there is little customization/branding and more of a luxury feel. The focus is more about the guest connection to the brand and less about being entertained. Overall, events are becoming more social and focusing more on a sense of community between attendees and the companies striving to solidify its bond and culture."

Southwest Conference Planners
Southwest Conference Planners
A DMC Network Company
Scottsdale, Ariz.

ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $11 million to $15 million
CAPABILITIES The company provides DMC and transportation services throughout Arizona.
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS "We create experiences for guests from the moment they arrive in our destination," management says. "We had guests picked up in an oversized LED Volkswagen bus and transported down to their LED futuristic event with pop-up entertainment throughout the event. We also create unique twists on themed events by bringing in the natural beauty of the desert. We designed an upscale fiesta evening for guests, where upon arrival, guests were served margaritas in mini Patron bottles and dined under trellises lined in greenery and hanging lanterns. The tables had Spanish influences to them while also accenting the desert scenery. Our mission is to deliver the highest level of service while creating memories of Arizona as a destination."


Terrarmar Destinations

A DMC Network Company
Los Cabos, Mexico

TOP OFFICERS Lee Chipman, Sunny Irvine
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $15 million
CAPABILITIES “As a leading company in its five destinations, Terramar has successfully started a cross-training of its seasoned sales and operations teams so they expand their local knowledge in every aspect of our group programs," management says. “We are very proud our team members have been traveling from San Francisco to Los Cabos or Panama to Puerto Vallarta and learn about the differences in culture, operation and what every destination offers so there is an authentic destination advisor in each of them."
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS “Top 500 Fortune companies and the most renowned incentive houses keep trusting in our services for their incentive programs in top destinations as Cancun, Los Cabos and Punta Mita as well as large groups such as one from the World Youth Day in Panama in January 2019 that was handled by Terramar,” management says. “Our office in San Francisco has been busy handling several city-wide conferences, too.”
TRENDS TO WATCH Trouble ahead: "Politics and change of government in countries like Mexico and Panama have affected enormously the promotion plans of medium-sized companies like Terramar and many others,” management says. “The extinction of the Mexico Tourism Board has left many organizations without subsidies in major industry trade shows like IMEX or IBTM, so the plans and promotion of our destinations are now much more costly--almost unaffordable. A much bigger investment and a budget adjustment is now imperative to keep afloat our marketing efforts.”

The Destination Manager

The Destination Manager
Scottsdale, Ariz.
Colleen Horan
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $8 million to $11 million
CAPABILITIES "We have redefined what it means to be a DMC by emphasizing and internalizing event design services," management says. "With three full-time interior designers on staff, their capabilities both enhance and streamline our organic creative process. Transformative event environments are our specialty, and we’re proud to be touted as a leader in this arena."
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS The team's portfolio includes original thematic concepts such as "Pop Art Cowboy," "Desert Island" and "Sonoran Safari."

360 Destination Group
Irvine, Calif.

TOP OFFICERS Shelly Archer, Joe Fijol, Trevor Hanks, Sharon Purewal, Pete Samulewicz
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $50 million
CAPABILITIES 360DG added four new offices in 2018, growth showcased by an" incredible celebration" of an annual meeting with keynote, team-building activity and over-the-top dinner--all in a single day. "This client got the most out of their one-day/one venue program in New York City by putting 360DG’s creative and logistics skills to the test," management says.
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS "Keeping an entire program on location can be a struggle, but when the location you’re working with offers its own private beach, golf course, conference center and so much more, the challenge becomes how to fit everything into three days," the team says. "360DG Amelia Island [Fla.] did just this for a high-profile client at the beautiful Omni Amelia Island Resort--with rave reviews."
TRENDS TO WATCH The big trend: event data consolidation, they say. "Planners are looking holistically at various technologies integration: event management software, registration systems, event apps, post-event surveys. A data dashboard can consolidate relevant data and pinpoint actionable KPIs [Key Performance Indicators]," management says. "The goal is to get a 360-degree view of attendee experiences by bringing together the different technology tools used throughout the planning and executing process to build an all-encompassing picture of a program’s effectiveness based on the vast range of data points available."

Ultimate Ventures

Ultimate Ventures
A DMC Network Company
Val Lenington, CSEP, DMCP; Laurie Sprouse, CMP, DMCP
ESTIMATED 2019 REVENUE $8 million to $9 million
CAPABILITIES As "local experts for over 25 years," the Ultimate Ventures team keeps its focus on the Dallas-Fort Worth area exclusively, management says. "This singular focus and resulting deep local connections allow us to pull off unique, award-winning events as well as flawless complex transportation programs for thousands."
NOTEWORTHY EVENTS Highlights over the past year have included an event that donated more than 1,000 holiday gifts to the Boys and Girls Club and a stunning "Under the Texas Sunset" event.
TRENDS TO WATCH "After two of our best years ever, we are seeing the signs of the economy cooling a bit," management says, "most likely due to the hiccups created by geopolitical forces. However, 2020 and 2021 look like they will be very strong."

All information is provided by the companies listed; errors and omissions sometimes occur. Should you be on this list? Please tell us at [email protected].

There’s strength in numbers: Many DMCs join group that function as marketing networks to bring in business and provide operations support.

DMC Alliance

DMC Alliance
Las Vegas
Stephanie Arone, DMCP
THE BASICS Invitation-only to join, limited to one member per destination. Members must be small businesses, with brick-and-mortar offices in a single destination. Companies must be active members of ADMEI, be in business in their destination for more than five years, carry $2 million in professional liability Insurance, and submit client references to assure quality in service. Members know that "when your clients are not in your destination, their needs are being met by like-minded independent small businesses in sister destinations," they say.
2019 SYSTEMWIDE REVENUE FORECAST $11 million to $13 million
TRENDS "The meetings industry is strong, and with strength comes the confidence to expand from basic content to enhance the attendee experience with a more energized format than we’ve seen in recent years," they say. "Entertainment, creative visuals, fun branding, and similar are creeping back into events, which is exciting to see!"


DMC Network

DMC Network
Addison, Tex.
Dan Tavrytzky
THE BASICS "We are the meeting industry’s only fully member-owned community of destination management companies, operating in 100 global destinations," management says. Members are required to have their ADMC designation from ADMEI; "One hundred percent of DMC Network members have their ADMC accreditation."
AREAS SERVED North America, Central America, Caribbean and Europe, with other areas of the world connected through alliances of preferred DMCs.
2019 SYSTEMWIDE REVENUE FORECAST $150 million to $175 million
TRENDS Today's pressures include "short-term business followed by always seeking something new and exciting to 'wow' clients," they say.  Geopolitical issues are "always a concern" as how they impact business confidence and spending decisions.

EDP Global DMC
St. Paul, Minn.

CEO Wim Crabbe
THE BASICS EDPglobal is a single-entity representation firm for DMCs. Members receive representation in the U.S., Canada and South America. Requirements for membership include strong reputation; minimum of five years in business; references from clients, vendors and banks;  insurance, licenses and permits commensurate with all laws and ordinances for that destination; acknowledgement of RFPs within 24 hours; a guarantee of proposal delivery by deadline; advance disclosure of all policy information regarding site inspections; and accessibility of full-time key DMC staff during program events.
2019 SYSTEMWIDE REVENUE FORECAST $15 million to $20 million
TRENDS The big trends: Shorter lead times, growing technology requirements, and the specter of terrorism and political unrest.

Brussels, Chicago
Joe Lustenberger, Huw Tuckett
THE BASICS This nonprofit marketing association admits members by invitation only. Candidates must have strong track record of delivery in their destination and demonstrate excellent relationships with existing clients and suppliers. "Our high entry standards and rigorous vetting process ensure that only best-in-class DMCs earn the right to use the Euromic brand," management says. "The objective of the association is to provide trade show representation, social media, PR and marketing tools for its members, while direct sales are the responsibility of each individual company."
AREAS SERVED Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin and South America
2019 SYSTEMWIDE REVENUE FORECAST $600 million (DMCs combined)
TRENDS Management says that "Strong demand for alternative venues for events is rising, and delegates are more likely to attend and engage when they’re hosted in inspiring spaces."

Global DMC Partners

Global DMC Partners
Catherine Chaulet
THE BASICS Independently owned and operated DMCs pay a fee to join the partnership. DMC members represent more than 500 locations worldwide. Member DMCs must have a minimum of 10 years in the industry; two bank references; three client and vendor references; at least $2 million in liability insurance; and membership in two national professional organizations. As a member, the DMC is represented by Global DMC Partners as the exclusive DMC in their market(s).
DMCs IN SYSTEM 65 plus
2019 SYSTEMWIDE REVENUE FORECAST $275 million to $300 million
TRENDS "Corporations are investing more in events and incentives because they see them as a tool to help keep employees engaged and motivated, ultimately reducing turnover," management says. "This is particularly important with the millennial workforce where turnover is high. Incentive trips, travel and education are highly desired by today’s workers, just as much if not more than work-life balance and benefits. This puts more pressure on meeting planners to plan engaging and meaningful incentives and events, and to think outside the box in order to make these events really stand out to employees as a 'must attend' event."

1 DMC World
Paul Stephen
THE BASICS Representing one DMC per country, with admission by invitation. All partners are individually owned and operationally licensed in their destination; they pay a joint marketing fee, for which they receive digital marking support, quality guidance, market intelligence and client communication support.
DMCs IN SYSTEM 100 plus
2019 SYSTEMWIDE REVENUE FORECAST $150 million plus
TRENDS Today's world means it's a "very competitive market, so we have to deliver creative event ideas, competitive pricing, and fast replies to enquiries to win business," they say. "Incentive and meeting programs are seeking out authentic and sustainable experiences that involve interaction with the local community."


Preferred DMCs

Preferred DMCs
Marc Schwabach, DMCP
THE BASICS This boutique consortium of select, independent and "highly qualified" European DMCs offers global sales and marketing support to its members. Members are recruited by invitation only and must have ADMEI membership, be well-established and have strong reputations, and hold certification or accreditation. Benefits include  sales and marketing support worldwide.
TRENDS "We can see a clear trend for DMCs away from being an 'order taker' purchasing commodities, towards an 'architect' or 'consultant' who is the expert in the destination," management says.

All information is provided by the companies listed; errors and omissions sometimes occur. Should you be on this list? Please tell us at [email protected].

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