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cyber attack Photo by Kirill Savenko /© Getty Images

3 Steps to Cyber-Safety at Your Special Events

Tips for keeping special events and meetings safe from cyber attacks.

News flash: The hacker who just might comprise your next event isn't some bored teenager living in his parents' basement. Instead, it's likely a sophisticated criminal on the hunt for Internet essentials such as identities, passwords and the like. How to stay safe? Our sister publications group, MeetingsNet, has some tips:

Do you know just how vulnerable your meetings, and your attendees, are to being hacked by a cyber criminal? Here’s a sobering thought: The Black Hat USA convention, which gathered hackers from around the world to perfect their craft in Las Vegas this summer, itself got hacked when attendees set up a fake website that mimicked the conference’s own app. While a hacker convention is perhaps begging to be hacked—and well prepared to fend off attacks when they occur—your event may be a more tantalizing cyber crime prospect than you think … Here’s what you need to know to keep your attendees’, and your organization’s, data secure …. MeetingsNet

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