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Black dinner place setting Photo by Amoklv / iStock / Getty Images Plus

‘Dinner in the Dark’ Event Opens Eyes at Davos

Showing the power of event experiences, dinner guests see the disabled in a new light.

The power of experiences to change hearts and minds was on display last month at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. One event included a “Dinner in the Dark” meal. An experience that has often been used to heighten the sense of taste, the Davos event featured a new twist—when the lights came on, guests learned that their servers had visual impairments, says our sister publications group MeetingsNet:

 At last month’s Davos, one of the most eye-opening events for participants was an activity that literally kept them in the dark. The Sensory Dinner in the Dark experience took place in an unlit restaurant where participants were led to their seats and served a meal they could not see. The diners were dependent on the wait staff to reach their tables and find silverware and food, and the waiters were remarkably adept at navigating the environment and serving in the dark. At the end of the meal, the lights were turned on and diners discovered that the wait staff that they had depended on so completely were people with visual impairments … MeetingsNet



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