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Event Expert Supovitz Releases New Book ‘When Things Go Wrong’

Event expert Frank Supovitz shares new book on solving special event challenges.

“What to Do When Things Go Wrong: A Five-Step Guide to Planning for and Surviving the Inevitable--and Coming Out Ahead” is a new book by award-winning event producer Frank Supovitz. Now available in hardcover on Amazon, at bookstores in the U.S., and on Kindle and other e-book platforms, the book provides knowledge, insight and prescriptive techniques to help business leaders and project managers navigate through crises large and small.

Supovitz, who served more than 20 years combined as the head of events for the National Hockey League and National Football League, shares best practices for crisis management drawn from memorable stories and case studies based on his own challenges, as well as those faced by others in a variety of businesses and situations. Among the most recognizable and revealing stories explored in the book was his management of the team responsible for recovery during the Super Bowl blackout.

“We learn more from the things that go wrong than things that go right,” said Supovitz, CEO of Fast Traffic, an event management and consulting firm based in New York. “But, it’s a whole lot better to learn from the things that went wrong for someone else!”

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