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Hybrid Meetings: What’s Now, What’s Next

For events with in-person and virtual components, the possibilities—and the potential problems—are many.

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, the meeting industry has seen roughly five years of technological progress compressed into the past 12 months, according to several event-tech suppliers.

The good news is that most hybrid meetings do not require the degree of sophistication as before. In fact, a hybrid event could involve simply having the session leaders and a small audience gathered in a presentation studio to deliver to a mostly virtual audience. Or if the in-person experience is critical to the event, the presentation studio can act as a hub with in-person sites in other cities, commonly referred to as “viewing parties,” as the spokes.

MeetingsNet, a sister publication of Special Events, breaks down hybrid events and where they will likely go in the future with the article "Hybrid Meetings: What’s Now, What’s Next." 

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