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‘Influencers’ are the New Celebrities for Special Events, Study Says

The industry is turning to the star power of "influencers" to build brands, VOK DAMS says.

The social media stars known as “influencers” are playing a greater role in special events, according to a white paper just released by international event powerhouse VOK DAMS Worldwide, because they not only bring attention to brands but also report on events via their own social media channels.

VOK DAMS is included on the latest Special Events "50 Top Event Companies."

To gauge the impact and of influencer marketing on live events, VOK DAMS commissioned targeted research among 100 leading German marketing professionals. The research covered the optimal use of social media influencers at live events and how to minimize the potential risk of a mismatch between a company’s image and the influencer’s personality.

Among the study’s findings:

  • Nearly 10 percent of respondents have had bad experiences and/or brand image damage through the use of celebrities. It is notable that this 10 percent did not use specialist agencies for consultation on the choice of celebrity. Some 40 percent of respondents do use third-party specialist agencies for celebrity selection, and 15 percent are considering seeking such advice.
  • Some 26 percent believe that influencers will supplant "classic" celebrities, 21 percent believe that this is a current and limited trend, and 54 percent trust "classic“ celebrities.
  • The preferred mix of celebrities and influencers is 70 percent to 30 percent.
  • At seminars and workshops, organizers prefer influencers to celebrities, while celebrities are more suitable for incentives, exhibitions and conferences. At festivals and concerts, the preference for "classic" and "new“ celebrities is balanced.

“Influencer marketing has proven to be effective, and--no matter how shallow and sometimes controversial--it’s here to stay,”says study author Colja Dams, VOK DAMS CEO. Dams will be a speaker at The Special Event 2019.

The full study can be downloaded here: 

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