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Size Matters: How Does Your Event Company Stack Up?

The team from Senik is developing size metrics for event companies to be shared at The Special Event 2020.

In a first for The Special Event, the team from event producer Senik is working to develop metrics that rank the size of event companies--and your company can be part of this project.

The Senik report will be presented at The Special Event 2020 at a seminar on March 11.

Metrics to establish small, medium and large event companies will include number of employees, number of events produced each year, and revenue. The study will also look at the perception of what companies are small, medium and large.

Please participate and help create this innovative scaling tool—and all responses are anonymous.

Here is the survey.

Please respond ASAP. Thank you!

P.S. And if you haven't registered to attend The Special Event 2020, which runs March 9-12 in Las Vegas, please click here.

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