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Who’s News in Special Events for May 21, 2020

Special events business news this week includes a new travel forecast from GBTA.

A study released yesterday by the Global Business Travel Association shows glimmers of optimism in the travel sector. The GBTA survey says that one in four GBTA member companies reports their company plans to resume travel to the United States (28 percent) and/or Canada (24 percent) in the near future. Four in ten report their company is considering resuming travel to the United States (44 percent), Europe (43 percent) and Canada (41 percent) in the near future, but currently do not have definitive plans about when travel will resume. Half (54 percent) of GBTA member companies are considering resuming all travel (regardless of country or region) in the near future, although they do not currently have definitive plans for when it will resume. In addition, only one in ten (14 percent) GBTA member companies report they do not plan to resume all travel in the near future.

Los Angeles-based live event production company JJ|LA has transformed the Outloud Pride Artist Showcase, which was scheduled to debut at this year’s South by Southwest festival, into Outloud: Raising Voices--a 10-episode, five-week concert series highlighting a diverse lineup of gay talent making an impact in the music industry. The series premieres May 26 and will be available exclusively on Facebook twice weekly on Outloud’s Facebook page and the JJ|LA Facebook page.

A study from London venue BMA House reveals that in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, many event professionals are looking for a better work/life balance. With the COVID-19 crisis providing an opportunity for many individuals to focus on family, leisure and personal relationships, 68 percent of event organisers said they will seek a better work / life balance going forward. This was reflected by 60 percent of event delegates also saying they would seek improvements. In support of the strong preference for better work/life balance, 87 percent of organisers and 92 percent of delegates said more people should be offered the opportunity to work from home in the long term.

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