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balloon dog art Photo by Amnach Photo / © Getty Images

Balloons Go ‘Artisanal’ at Special Events Today, WSJ Says

Forget the DIY designs of the old days--today, hipsters are creating cool new installations with balloons

Thinks balloons are strictly a DIY, kid-event accessory? Think again.

Thanks in part to cool hipsters and maybe a little inspiration from avant-garde artist Jeff Koons, balloons are making the leap into events for grown-ups. The Wall Street Journal this week touted the rise of the “artisanal” balloon installation, which is often designed to stay in place beyond the party. Another trend: mixing floral into the balloon display:

“The staple of children’s birthday parties is on a creative hot streak incorporating confetti, flowers, unicorn kits and more … Long gone are the days of a simple, primary-colored balloon tied to the back of a chair. Whether or not the birthday party staple needed reinventing, we now live in a golden age of balloon innovation. Decorators are lining doorways with balloon garlands and filling ceilings with black, marbled balloons for black-tie weddings, all to meet customer demand for Pinterest-worthy parties and settings worthy of Instagram likes …. ” The Wall Street Journal

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