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Kim Sayatovic

Event Design Trends for Spring 2018

This wedding pro looks into her crystal ball for 2018 design trends and sees plenty of color and shine.

With the cold winter months behind us, we’re making room for warmer weather and a new set of trends that spring clients will be incorporating into their events. 2018 is promising to be a banner year for exciting trends in the industry, and we’re eager to see what new looks catch fire. For now, here are some predictions for what we can expect to see this spring. 

1. Color will be catching on.
The past few years has been full of neutrals and matchy-matchy color schemes, but this year will bring a new wave of color to the party. Clients are gravitating toward bold palettes that draw attention and make a statement. Whether it’s through florals, linens or flatware, the sky is the limit!

2. The outlook for lighting: Bright.
It should come as no surprise that candles and uplighting will remain on trend in 2018. These lighting choices have become a staple in events, and especially weddings. They bring a romantic atmosphere that couples just can’t resist.

Video mapping has been around for the last few years, and is known to add depth and excitement to any design, but until now has really only been reserved for high-budget events. But good news: This technology is finally coming down in price, so expect to see an uptick in its use.  

 3. The new wave of “whimsical.”
Whimsical events had their moment a few years ago, but have started surfacing again in a big way for the spring. Pantone’s Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, almost certainly has something to do with it. With it’s ethereal and romantic tone, Ultra Violet serves as the perfect backdrop for any whimsical celebration. Other design elements will include hanging cakes and elaborate floral ceilings.

4. Linens go bold.
Linens will be part of the big “bold” trend, so we expect to see a lot of bold choices from clients wanting to wow their guests. Think unique patterns, more texture and color-mixing.

5. Take a journey through tablescapes.
Clients are seeking a different experience for their guests, and that includes the tables. Gone are the days of uniformity in table treatments. Instead, clients are embracing a range of unique tablescapes at their events, designs that will tell a story and be great conversation-starters. While each table will be different, there should still be a cohesive tone that complements all the elements of the event.

6. Take a shine to metallic.
Having metallics on a trends list is nothing new, and for good reason--clients just can’t get enough of that stylish shine. Gold and silver continue to be a perfect pair, while rose gold is holding its own as a favorite choice for vintage weddings. The newcomer on the metallic scene is copper, and we can expect to see it everywhere this year--from vases to stationery and beyond.

Overall, clients are stepping up their game this spring, and we are loving every minute of it. What are some of your favorite trends so far?

Kim Sayatovic is the founder and chief creative officer of Belladeux Event Design, a full-service wedding and event design firm based in New Orleans.

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