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Special Events
Holiday Products 2011 for Special Events

Holiday Products 2011 for Special Events

Holiday Candies Offered by Artisan Candies
Soft Caramels, S’mores on a Stick, Rocky Road, Marshmallows, Brittles, Fudge Pops and more. Handcrafted with no preservatives. Perfect for favors, dessert buffets and corporate gifts.
Artisan Candies
[email protected]

Next Page: Oversize Props

Artificial Ice Events Stocks Oversize Props
Combine an oversized holiday prop and instant photo op for an interactive experience at any winter event. The World’s Largest Rocking Horse and Snow Globe Live give new meaning to instant photos. They are nondenominational, perfect for adults and children, playful, customizable and something your guests will talk about for months. Huge "wow" factor, guaranteed to produce smiles! Exclusively available through Artificial Ice Events.
Artificial Ice Events

Next Page: New Flogos-Lite Flying Logos

Flogos-Lite New from Global Special Effects
Flogos is short for Flying Logos--now available is Flogos-Lite. It’s a fraction of the size of the original machine, easier to transport, move and set up.
Global Special Effects

Next Page: Illuminated Inflatable Pieces

AirDD Offers Illuminated Inflatable Pieces
Add simple drama to your holiday events this year. Make a bold move with an AirDD Hi-Light (pictured here is an Organic) against a night sky for an outdoor event. Illuminate any decor, be it as natural as a desert forest or as glittering as a Hollywood theme. This season, celebrate the basic beauty of harmony, love and togetherness with organic beauty.

Next Page: Spooky High-quality Props

Find High-quality Halloween Props at Dapper Cadaver
Decorate your Halloween event with the props the pros use. Dapper Cadaver has provided high-quality bodies, skeletons, monuments and spooky decor for top parties, haunts, movies and TV shows.
Dapper Cadaver

Next Page: Pretty "Fairy Berry" Lights

"Fairy Berry" Lights Provide Pretty Glow
These 3/4"-diameter balls produce a glowing tiny white light that fades on and off slowly. Collectively, they produce a moving-firefly effect that is absolutely unique. Batteries included, life 20+ hours.
Fortune Products Inc.

Next Page: Custom Ice Rinks

Custom Ice Rinks from Ice-America
Ice-America provides rapid-deployment ice skating rinks for events of all sizes. From rink construction to the marketing support necessary to promote ticket sales, Ice-America’s team of experienced, friendly management will cover all facets of the ice-skating event.

To advertise in our next "In Season," contact Eliza Tano at 800/543-4116, ext. 37171.
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