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Keeping it Cool

Steal these trendy ice sculpture ideas

There’s nothing quite as “cool” as walking into an event to see a large ice display.

“Simply put, [clear] ice sculptures are beautiful, eye catching, and add an element of elegance to any event, large or small,” says Dave Kustin with the Ice Butcher.

Ice sculptures can be incorporated into events in a variety of ways: a welcome showpiece can be used as a seating chart/list, functional food displays, centerpieces, and ice can even be the star of the signature cocktail through the uses of molds and different colors.

Check out this roundup of ice sculptures from Catersource magazine to jumpstart your inspiration!

luge 1.png
During the Opening Night Party guests could enjoy a “luge shot” where a margarita was poured into the top of a Day of the Dead themed ice sculpure before traveling down to a waiting shot glass | Catersource + The Special Event 2023. Photo courtesy WASIO Faces

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