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NLF-logo Bars, 'Fairy' Lights, Bamboo Platters

NLF-logo Bars, 'Fairy' Lights, Bamboo Platters

NFL Logos New for Portable Bars
The Best of Times portable bar system now offers all NFL team logo wraps as well as new collegiate team wraps. The company also offers custom printing, which can feature anything from corporate logos to personal messages and photos. The system includes a bar table with umbrella stand, four bar stools, a travel bag and stool bag, along with the wrap. The bar assembles in minutes without requiring tools.
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"Fairy Berry" Lights New from Fortune Products
Fortune Products' "Fairy Berries" are ¾-inch clear balls encasing a white LED light that slowly fades on and off. The balls make for pretty decor accents when placed in shrubbery; thanks to their small, recessed hook, they can also be suspended with fishing line. They are water-resistant and so can float in water features. The batteries can be replaced.
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Decorative Bamboo Platters Debut
The new Puzzle Platters from Totally Bamboo feature a handle on one end and a notch on the other, enabling guests to carry snacks and a wineglass with only one hand. The platters can also be linked together to form an attractive buffet piece. The platters are made entirely of bamboo and weigh 6 ounces. They are coated with a food-safe finish to ensure easy cleanup.
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Note: Act fast--information on these products is available online only through July 5. Do you have a cool new product to share with us? Please send it here--thanks!

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