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SOI: DMC Forecast

Part 4 in our annual State of the Industry (SOI) report

Cover photo courtesy Terramar, A DMC Network Company


In our 2023 Spring Issue’s 18th Annual DMC Spotlight, we asked DMCs to tell us what trends they forecasted for the year. There were some obvious themes, and as we look back at 2023, here are those that were spot on:


“The most important trend for DMCs is technology which streamlines operations and enhances the attendee experience,” said ACCENT New Orleans, Inc., a DMC Network Company. And as with the rest of the event industry, AI was a hot topic, with registration and data management predicted to be useful applications.


2023 saw more wellness activities. 360 Destination Group saw “the inclusion of wellness and mindfulness into corporate meetings and events. Group yoga classes, meditation rooms, guided breathing sessions—these are all perfect ways to show attendees that their wellbeing and health is just as important as the success of the program.” Other DMCs have seen more nature and mindfulness breaks incorporated into events.


Unanimously across our DMC Spotlight, sustainability was a hot topic. “Sustainability is not a trend; carbon offsets, responsible choices, and waste reduction initiatives are now bottom-line objectives for many organizations,” said CSI DMC.

Ovation Global DMC added, “In the past year, destinations focused on sustainable tourism and programs that actively promoted local culture and preserved natural surroundings. Planners are seeking out ways to make events more sustainable; from eco-friendly venues to waste-free catering.”

The destination

Destinations were increasingly the focus of events this year. “Attendees want enough free time to enjoy the destination,” mentioned Destination South, who suggests “not packing the agenda so tightly that there’s no time to explore the area, as well as giving back through activations and local event experiences.” 

Exploring local culture, balancing work and personal time, and even bringing family members on work trips are all trends that became solidified this year. 

Are you a DMC who knows the latest trends in destination events? Tell us more by filling out a submission for our 2024 DMC Spotlight.

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