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Special Events State of the Industry 2022: Part 2

A look at how social media impacted the industry in 2022

2022 has been the year of TikTok and Instagram Reels; it certainly feels as if you can’t scroll through social media without seeing a flood of short form videos, from running kittens to cute babies to lip synching. And then there is our industry, using it as a way to promote our services, and ourselves. But is everyone using it, or does it just seem that way? Do we like these platforms and their content, or do we despise it, forced to acknowledge, however, that it’s useful for business? Let’s look at social media in 2022 and how it’s shaping the way we are perceived as businesses, as well as its shifting role in the events industry.

Social media is as important as ever for marketing but gone are the days when Facebook was one of the first places consumers turned to when researching potential partners. Today Instagram and TikTok rule with their more in-your-face visual formats. Potential clients want to see the faces behind the business, their values reflected, and the services shown as close as they can get to experiencing them in real life.

conical apps
Caterers and planners alike can find inspiration from social media, like these appetizers
served in cones by LUX Catering and Events. Photo courtesy Billow and Mull Photography

Business owners can likewise use the tools and content social media offers to their advantage. Social media platforms offer marketing and advertising tools, data analytics, and direct communication with customers. Short form video demonstrates a business’s ability to keep up with trends, and TikTok is the best place to learn them.

Twitter still holds value for events and conferences, since this is a convenient and hashtag-searchable way to broadcast information and updates quickly. Live tweeting and livestreaming allow event attendees and potential customers alike to stay updated with events and feel as if they’re part of the experience.

seating chart.jpg

Event trends for 2022 are focused on innovation, like these party favors that double as a
wedding seating chart. Photo courtesy Kelsey Regan Photography

We at Special Events wanted to see what our followers have to say about short-form videos. In a recent survey, we found that 55% of respondents use TikTok, though the majority only use it about 0-1 times per week. In contrast, 82% use Instagram Reels regularly, split almost evenly between 0-1 and 2-4 times per week. Again, there’s an almost even split between planners that create content themselves and those who pay a social media manager to create content. 67% of respondents said they use short form video because they think it’s good for business, while 22% said they post these videos because it seems like everyone else does.

In May 2022, marketing expert Aleya Harris noted in a blog article for Special Events that “with more than half the world’s population using social media now, platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are incredible places to share your brand story and build trust with potential clients and customers. But only when you show up authentically!”

Stay tuned for the rest of our State of the Industry 2022!
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