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State of the Industry: Wellbeing & The Events Industry

Part 10 in our annual State of the Industry (SOI) report

Attendee and event pro wellbeing alike continued to be a talking point in 2023 and will certainly remain on the radar in 2024. Beyond the scope of mental health, event pros are making moves to create event environments that improve the overall wellbeing of attendees. 

The AMEX report states: “Our interview panel told us they are seeing programming trends such as longer breaks between sessions, more self-care activities available at events, thoughtful room design, food and beverage options that offer more selection to people with restrictions, as well as more streamlined travel for attendees to make sure they arrive and depart energized rather than drained.”

The report also touches on a wellness lounge found at a recent event in Paris, with certain features including meditation, relaxation, CBD, and oxygen bars. Catersource + The Special Event debuted a wellness lounge at the 2023 conference and will bring it back in 2024 with more features and guided wellness opportunities.

“Clients have requested and prioritized a holistic well-being concept through wellness and mindfulness activities, embedding yoga sessions and meditation breaks into event agendas,” says Brit Bertino (BRIT BERTINO EVENT EXCELLENCE).

2023 also saw a focus on collaboration and self-care conversations, indicating event pros are working toward creating healthier environments and practices for their own lives, as well as companies providing wellness resources to offset the intensity of the high-stress event industry.

Cover photo: Catersource + The Special Event debuted a wellness lounge at the 2023 conference and brought it back in 2024. Photo courtesy WASIO Faces/SpotMyPhoto

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