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10 Ways to Make Events Neuro-Inclusive

Simple steps to increase inclusivity at your event

April is Autism Awareness Month, which means it's a great time to learn more about how a few simple changes can improve the meeting experience for neurodiverse attendees. As the conversation around diversity, equity, and inclusion grows, event planners are working to find more resources for neurodiversity inclusion.

In a recent article for MeetingsNet, Darelyn Pazdel, acting chief workforce inclusion officer at PRIDE Industries, noted that "neuro inclusion is not just about creating belonging in the workplace, it is about building a better business."

Here are Pazdel's top ten ways to make events more neuro-inclusive.

  1. Print your agenda or schedule of activities in advance.
  2. Make sure the purpose of the meeting is clear. 
  3. Consider Universal Design Learning (UDL) in the planning process. 
  4. Use plain language. 
  5. Create written instructions for all activities.
  6. Identify any sessions that might change. 
  7. Create sensory retreat spaces.
  8. Invite people to take breaks as needed.
  9. Ask about seating preferences.
  10. Provide meal options.

To learn about each of these tips, read the full article from MeetingsNet here.

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