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4 Tips to Keep Your Team Engaged & Happy

Practical ways to fight staffing shortages and improve employee retention

While we are all counting our blessings that catering business is back in full force, it doesn’t make the stress, anxiety, and overwork that’s arrived in its wake any less painful. In a recent article for Catersource, the International Caterers Association (ICA) addressed the difficulties of the staffing shortage and burnout, offering a surprising yet sensible solution: do what you can to keep current team members happy. 

If you’re wondering how you can do that while dealing with endless demands of the business, don’t worry: here are four things you can do to increase positivity and retention. 

  1. Show them the money & perks 
  2. Offer PTO as often as possible 
  3. Go on an adventure or get social 
  4. Continued recognition & genuine appreciation 

“The moral of the story is that your team is the most valuable asset you have to serve your customers and gain new business. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to do any of it,” says ICA. “Treat them accordingly, and you’ll see your business thrive with a happy and engaged team.” 

To learn more about each of these tips, click here to read the full article from Catersource

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