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5 Ways to Practice Gratitude at Your Events

Use gratitude to transform your events

Everyone knows that gratitude can enrich your personal life, but how about your professional life? Or your events, for that matter? In a recent article for MeetingsNet, Anne Zambrano, M&IW, explains how practicing gratitude can improve event experiences.

"Studies have shown that daily or weekly reflections of thankfulness lead to a happier, more optimistic outlook, and stronger, more positive relationships," she says. "What if we could take the collective human energy in a live event and turn it into gratitude? Can you imagine the impact it might have? We planners know that what keeps individuals coming back to live meetings is the experience, and the experience is more often about how attendees feel rather than what they think."

Here are Zambrano's 5 tips for practicing gratitude at your next event:

  1. Create a gratitude hashtag.
  2. Build a gratitude wall.
  3. Invite speakers to practice gratitude.
  4. Establish wellness spaces that encourage gratitude.
  5. Say “thank you!”

To learn more about each tip, read the full article on MeetingsNet.

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