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Admit It: The Events Industry Is Missing the Mark on Sustainability

How circularity can create a regenerative system in the events industry


A recent article from MeetingsNet blew the whistle on performative sustainability in the events industry, saying that discussion and current progress isn’t enough. In an industry that produces massive amounts of waste, actual solutions are urgently necessary. We need to shift from a linear process to a circular process, an approach that is regenerative and leaves society better than we found it. 

A circular approach, referred to in the article as “circularity,” inherently reduces waste while keeping products in use and regenerating natural systems. Most of our current systems are degenerative—they deplete resources and destroy the environment. By zooming outward and taking a more holistic approach, the events industry can use circularity to positively impact the world, in areas including: humanity, society, finances, nature, intellect, and manufacturing. 

Read the full article here to learn more. 

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